At The Helipad, we treasure books! We incorporate shared book reading into all of our preschoolers programs, no matter what their current language skills are. Our love for books has even led to the creation of the Cooking & Craft Book Club (which we are really excited about!).

Why are we so crazy about books? There is so much language learning that takes place when you are reading books with your child! Research shows that reading aloud is one of the most important activities you can do to help prepare your child for reading and future academic success. Here are our 10 reasons why reading aloud is so beneficial:

  1. Increases your child’s vocabulary
  2. Teaches your child how words can go together and about different language patterns
  3. Your child will learn new things about the world!
  4. Develops print awareness (like how to hold a book the right way, turn pages, read from left to right and that those black squiggly lines mean something!)
  5. Instills a love of reading and an appreciation of books
  6. Stimulates your child’s imagination and sparks curiosity
  7. Helps with brain development – from birth to 5 years of age is a critical time in the development of language skills
  8. Develops social and communication skills such as turn taking, initiating conversation, making comments, as well as asking and answering questions
  9. Builds early literacy skills such as rhyming, how sounds go together, comprehension and story telling
  10. Great way to bond and share time together. It gives you a chance to give your child ALL of your attention

It is never too early or too late to start reading with your child! It is also important to remember that anytime is a good time to read with your child. You don’t just have to wait before bedtime. You can read at bath time, play time, in the park, in the doctor’s waiting rooms or when you are waiting to pick up older siblings from school. We really encourage parents to read books to their children every day – we love the “Read Aloud 15 minutes” campaign. This campaign is spreading the word about the power of reading aloud to children and encourages parents to strive to read aloud 15 minutes every day. Reading aloud to your child every day will make a huge difference to your child’s language development!

10 Reasons to Read Aloud Every Day